Spreading the word in all the right apps?

That’s right! The capabilities of mobile applications have increased dramatically. As the world transforms, becoming more technology based, most small businesses surprisingly have yet to jump on the bandwagon and take full advantage of the opportunities available through mobile marketing. Understanding a few things will put you on the road to mobile marketing success.

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1. Increase profitability — Kevin Fitchard delivers the facts on how in 2012 customers spent $500 million through mobile apps. And as one might guess Starbucks takes the lead on the most money made using their mobile app. The Starbucks app and scanner system makes it effortless for customers to buy their coffee or lunchtime treat through their phone instead of having to dig through their pocket change.

2. Discover ways to save — One way for small businesses to familiarize themselves with mobile marketing is to understand the free applications available to themCatherine Clifford talks about one such free application called bMobilized that allows businesses to take their normal website and convert it into a mobile website, making it easier for customers to interact with the company through their smart phones.

3. Find success — Small businesses can learn from the examples of countless mobile marketing business success stores. Roger Yu writes about Evie Poitevent, a business woman who uses mobile apps to attract and get feedback from customers for her business Feet First. Along with the usual apps facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest and tumblr to promote her business, she has begun looking into creating a personal app for her store as well as creating a mobile website. Because creating a company’s own app can be extremely expensive, the next best option is to focus on making a website that’s a breeze to use on any smart phone. 

4. Benefit Smallbiz — As Greg Stuart, CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association notes, “Local merchants have a better opportunity on mobile, in part because they can craft it to fit their business. Most consumers only go about half a mile for dry cleaners”.  Small Businesses have a clear advantage with mobile marketing, as customers want a close-by, quick, and easy place to go for their every day needs. Businesses must learn to take advantage of this new mobile app craze, since it shows no sign of slowing down in our increasingly tech-filled world.

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