Be a Keyboard WarriorDO Play The SEO Game: Jason Demers reminds us to take full advantage of social media marketing by optimizing your posts—add photos, have engaging format, and  link to other sites.

DON’T Beg, Rant, Try Too Hard, Joke Completely Inappropriately: Carrie Kerpen recommends playing it cool if you want people to follow you. You’re trying to engage with people so don’t overwhelm their newsfeed with fifty posts a day, begging them to share each one.

DO Strategize:  Jessica Stillman highlights how managing multiple accounts can lead to social media disarray. Act intentionally and with a goal.

DON’T Forget to Spell Check: Cheryl Conner doesn’t want you to embarrass yourself. It takes 20 seconds and makes you look so much better (let’s hope there aren’t any typos in this post, that’d be awkward).

DO Make a Blog: Megan Bernstein reminds us the  internet is a big, scary place and it’s easy to get lost. Your blog acts as home base—it’s comfortable and gives your customers some direction. Plus, you run your blog–without character limits constraining you or hashtags cluttering up your posts, your company’s voice can really speak. 

What are the biggest mistakes you see business owners make online?  Share in the comments!

[CC photo by Adam Rhoades]