stack of yellow pagesWhile most people will tell you that the traditional print yellow pages are a thing of the past, many business owners in niche verticals still rely on print catalogs to learn about specific products. For example, if you worked for a pharmaceutical company, you might turn to the PharmTech directory to learn where you could source needles that meet specific technical requirements.

The team here at D&B Credibility aims to bring this type of print-based information to the digital age with the launch of our new Credibility Review Business Marketplace… and we’re thrilled that the team at Advanstar joined us as the first partner.  You can check out how they’ve been working with many of their partners to complete profiles on our brand-new Pharmaceutical Technology / BioPharm International Marketplace.

Just some of the benefits for companies using this marketplace:

  • The ability to attach specification sheets, pricing docs, capability matrix docs, poster boards from conferences, white papers or videos;
  • View social media feeds, which can add background, credibility, and updated product information;
  • Listings include D&B data — the most trusted source in the B2B space!

We spent the past week at the Interphex Pharmaceutical event in New York City talking with attendees about the launch of the marketplace and couldn’t have been more excited with the response.  (If you’re in the pharmaceutical industry and haven’t signed up, it’s easy to get started!)

Our event team at Interphex

Our team has been in New York this week at Interphex

With over 30 million business profiles in the D&B Credibility Review already, we’re thrilled as we see the Marketplace grow into a one-stop for businesses looking for new partnerships, products and more.