TEDx began as a grand experiment. Well, touché. Do entrepreneurs really lead by any other example than grand experiments? The program has been embraced with passion and dedication by hundreds — if not thousands — of volunteer communities across the planet. We here @DandB are thrilled to be hosting the community for a special TedxMalibu screening of TedxChange 2013.

TedxChange 2013 was originally broadcast live earlier this April and featured the theme: Positive Disruption.

Melinda Gates hosted from the Gates Foundation Campus in Seattle, along with a flock of other speakers that positioned challenges for preconceived ideas, sparked discussion, and shed light on some new landscapes and mindsets. That’s right up our alley.
The lower floors of our corporate office here in Malibu, along with the TedXMalibu team, will be rebroadcasting the event in it’s entirety this Sunday, April 21st. Please join us to challenge old assumptions, ignite new conversations within our own community and our very own local network.

Plus there’s complimentary breakfast at the beach….I meannnnn….I challenge you to a better Sunday afternoon.

There are only 100 tickets available in total. They are available at no charge, so don’t delay with your RSVP to guarantee your spot! That’s not a threat – it’s a positively disruptive challenge.

If you have any questions or topics you’d like TedxMalibu to feature in the future, please leave us your comments! Can’t wait to see you this Sunday.

office view

If you can’t make it to this TEDx event, be sure to find another awesome event to attend! Find one on our events page!