Patrick Llewelyn

Patrick Llewellyn wrestles crocodiles, loves putting ‘shrimp on the barbie’, and doesn’t let haters hate (one of these things is true). As President and CEO of 99designs, Llewellyn made for a spunky ‘Ozzie’ interview quite worthy of DocStoc‘s 35th Startups Uncensored.

#SBflock posing @Cornerstoneinc @PulsoViral @BradyHahn @DigitalLA

#SBflock posing @Cornerstoneinc @PulsoViral @BradyHahn @DigitalLA

We got to catch up with some of our favorite #SBflock friends (DocStoc, Digital LA, PulsoViral, LawKick) and met some newbies (hi Cornerstone!) on site. Here are our top 10 takeaways:


“Melbourne is a lot like L.A. (pause)…not really.”


“We’re not raising money in Australia because there’s nowhere to raise money from.”


“The reason we didn’t raise money earlier is because we didn’t know what to spend it on…”


“We kind of think of [online] as a night club. You can meet a lot of people at once – but it’s not necessarily the best way to facilitate a relationship.”


“The Bay Area still seems pretty bullish to me. Hiring is as hard as ever in the Bay…this notion of traction has really taken shape over the last couple of years.”


“If you’re going to take outside money, you have to have really clearly defined milestones with that money.”


“We’ve probably underestimated how difficult that was…” – on having the ability to maintain and influence culture across a growing business.


“I think communication is the biggest challenge for any business that grows.”


“It wasn’t about getting paid. It was about having fun.” – on why designers started using the 99designs platform in the first place and why they continue to.


“We handle all of the (quite frankly) the s**t stuff. Anyone who is a freelance designer, especially in this town, knows that these things are challenging.”

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Jason Nazar interviews Patrick Llewellyn

Jason Nazar interviews Patrick Llewellyn


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