Use these simple actions to reduce it

The web is full of big changes you can make to your online marketing strategies that can make a difference to your business’s bottom line. But sometimes small changes can make a huge difference.

Today, we thought we’d highlight four easy-to-implement changes you can make to your business:

  • Declutter Your Inbox.  Becky McCray offers some great tips on getting yourself to inbox zero.  I really like her suggestions to use filters (rules if using Outlook) based on how you’ll process the email “read-only, action-required, etc.”
  • Research Your Competitors.  The SBA just launched a very cool new tool: SizeUp gives all kinds of information like comparisons on revenue, salaries and much more! Definitely check it out!
  • Perform Routine Website CheckupsMelissa Fach offers five things you should be checking regularly on your website: Site Errors, Navigation, Contact Forms, Mobile Performance and Pages.  A little checkup can go a long way!
  • Focus on Quality Link Building. I find most SEO articles to be a waste of time for small business owners, so I was pleasantly surprised to read these great tips on ways you can build quality inbound links. The ideas presented: Hold a Contest (example: VIP Trip), Interview Experts (example: Interviews), Use/Develop Industry Relationships (example: SmallBizSat).

Do you have an example of a small change that made a big difference in your business?   Share your story in the comments! 

[cc image credit Alan Cleaver]