Dearly beloved,

We are blogging here today to celebrate the hard work and dedication of entrepreneurs everywhere. Though Valentine’s day is a holiday typically reserved for star-crossed lovers, today we feel that exceptions can be made as love is not always simply a matter of romantic involvement, but rather love can be an appreciation of all of those noteworthy, intrinsic qualities that make you, well, you!

There are so many things that we could focus on; for example, your passion for your business, your commitment to excellence, leadership, and service, or your continued efforts in striving to build a better future for your progeny (just to name a few); however, with love being the focus of today we would like to focus solely on those aspects of entrepreneurship that we feel exemplify love in its purest sense and thus enable the small business community (and, consequently, the economy) to continue #movingforward in 2013!
L is for Loss of Sleep:

I think its safe to say that entrepreneurs are a little different from everyone else. When inspiration hits, there is no stopping them (even when said inspiration strikes at 4am). We would like to pat you on the back for your crazy sleep habits, and the spouses/partners who remain patient enough to tolerate them.

O is for Ongoing Battles

Just when you think you’ve overcome one obstacle, there is another one staring you in the face. As entrepreneurs, your lives tend to be a little chaotic, so much so that running your small business causes you three times as much stress as raising kids! We applaud your abilities to endure and overcome the impossible.

V is for Vivaciousness

One thing entrepreneurs are most certainly not lacking is confidence. While dealing with all of the stress and lack of sleep that comes with running a business, you have kept your cool in times of turmoil and won over countless customers. Here’s to you for  making our lives easier, more fun, and just all around better .

E is for Exceeding Expectations and Limitations (striving for excellence, not perfection)

It is no secret that entrepreneurial innovation is the backbone of society through-and-through. Without entrepreneurs sent here by the cosmos to color our world, much of what we now take for granted as just being “a part of our daily lives” would not exist. Though extremely successful entrepreneurs are widely celebrated by society, it is often the “little guy (or gal)” who works behind-the-scenes around-the-clock to challenge his/her own limitations and consistently exceed expectations which ultimately ensures a better quality of life for all. For that, we thank you and we wish you well in all current and future endeavors.

It would take days, weeks, and even months to come up with an exhaustive list of people that deserve to be thanked for contributing to the growth of a nation, but for now we’ll just settle for some hilarious yet mildly inappropriate Valentine’s day cards as a sign of our unending appreciation for you.

Entrepreneur Valentines


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