One of the challenges so many businesses face is how to create quality content… especially since most of us have a small team.  My team is working pretty efficiently lately, and I thought I’d share our process for creating articles with the hope it might inspire your operations. In summery, here’s a typical workflow

  • Step #1: Use a shared folder on Evernote to store any and all interesting articles
  • Step #2: Brainstorm article ideas with the team by chatting on Yammer and/or in person
  • Step #3: One team member writes the article on our blog backend (
  • Step #4: Someone else reviews, approves and publishes the article!

evernote screengrabEvernote has been an incredible resource, and I’ve encouraged my team to save just about any and all articles related to small business owners in Evernote and they’ve responded passionately (we’re only 12 days into Februrary and they’ve already saved over 250 articles in our shared folder!) 

With Evernote constantly filled up with new and interesting stories from around the web, our team is able to use Yammer to brainstorm articles…  As I type this, we’re talking about publishing an article on Abe Lincoln’s birthday, a Valentine’s Day article and a post that provides some great marketing tips for small business owners.  All of these articles were inspired by articles that were originally saved to Evernote!

Of course, WordPress is an amazing backend.  We’ve talked about going to a self-hosted environment, but we’ve been able to accomplish so much within the backend that everyone seems just as happy to continue having them host our backend!

Do you have a team tasked with creating lots of quality content?   What’s your workflow like?