Team at Navy Small Biz EventTrade shows continue to be a driving force in connecting businesses with consumers, and as far as the eye can see, 2013 will be no exception. Take a look at some of the trends we anticipate to make their big debut this year.  Traci Browne, author of The Social Trade Show, has kindly agreed to share some of her thoughts as well!

1) Extended Engagement. Social media has provided so many ways for exhibitors and sponsors alike to create a buzz before, during, and after an event. This year, we anticipate the integration of social media more so than ever before, with companies using platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook to drive attendees to their booth. Holding a contest via Twitter, encouraging followers to retweet or take pics at your booth during the event is a great way to engage and draw in your audience. Conducting interviews and capturing live footage of the event is another fantastic way to keep those who are unable to attend up to speed while truly engaging attendees. With so many ways to connect, be sure to focus on your strengths and reach out to your audience in a way that reflects your brand and what you’re company is all about.

img_1874 Traci weighs in:

I’m hoping in 2013 and beyond we stop grasping at every new app or social media platform that comes about and focus on using just one or two properly.

2) Going Green Greener. Though we have already seen significant changes moving towards an eco-friendly workspace, in 2013 we foresee trade shows stepping up to the plate. This year, you will see venues making praise-worthy attempts to scale down their waste with a commitment to greener practices. Many exhibitors will be doing the same in an effort to lend mother nature a hand, while simultaneously cutting costs. Rather than shelling out tons of cash for hand-outs, booklets, and flyers, provide attendees with all the information they could ever want by utilizing USB’s, QR Codes, and if you really want to hit a home-run, iPads and Tablets can serve as a great way to replace much of the need for paper altogether. 3) Trending Technology Mobile apps and social media platforms will continue to play a larger role in the trade show realm, however this year will demand both increases in accessibility and integration. Traci hit the nail on the head stating,

Where tech is concerned the trend seems to be all about data. Conference and show organizers are realizing their event apps are not just a convenient tool for their attendees or a marketing platform but also a data warehouse. Every interaction an attendee has with an app can be tracked and that gives the event organizer valuable information. Obviously you can see what sessions attendees saved to their agenda but perhaps even more telling are what sessions interested them enough to tap on and read about?

Here are two products we’re dying to get our hands on:

  • Photo booth applications are forecasted to be a huge hit in 2013. Products such as BYO Booth are exactly what trade show exhibitors need to stand out and give attendees a lasting impression. BYO Booth seamlessly allows users to pick a hashtag for their event, upload pictures via Instagram or Twitter, and “presto”, photos are added to a slideshow and ready for print!
  • Leap Motion is the latest and greatest tech toy that essentially gives users complete control of their computer with the gesture of a hand. With the ability to pinch, drag, and scroll using just your fingers, you will be able to display and showcase your content in ways you never thought possible.

Traci weighs in:

I’m hoping to see more organizations and exhibitors/sponsors incorporating augmented reality into their events. There is so much amazing potential in this technology, both fun and educational. Event planners and exhibitors would be smart to go out and see how museums are using this technology and then translate that back to their event.

Our @DandB Engagement Team’s new year’s resolutions included staying more involved within our very own Silicon Beach community. Along with dozens of other trade shows we’ll be attending to get some quality face-to-face time with our customers across the country this year (stay tuned for specific shows) we’ll also be making appearances locally in the LA tech scene. Our very own Event Marketing Manager, @CatMangan recently caught up with GonnaBe Founder & CEO, Hank Leber at Silicon Beach LA’s Weekly Unwind.

Hank will be speaking tonight at ROC Santa Monica for Dating and Social Networks –  Startup Showcase and Digital Dating Etiquette Panel. A treat just in time for Valentine’s Day brought to you by our  favorites over at Digital LA! Several of the @DandB flock will be there, so be sure to come say hi, we can never have enough Valentine’s at these events. Save us a seat.  


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