Eric Garcetti

41 days. 41 Days until the Los Angeles City Primary Nominating Election. Mark it, Dude. Last night we all reconvened in Silicon Beach’s town hall, aka Docstoc’s first Startups Uncensored of 2013, #33.

Jason Nazar got political on us this month – and we liked it. Councilman Eric Garcetti took a road trip from home in Silverlake out to easy, breezy, beautiful Shutters on the Beach, and spoke to the LA tech community about the yellow brick road to making LA the place where everyone wants to bring their business.

Here are our top ten takeaways:


“[Los Angeles] is all about seeing how we can create new things out of old ingredients.”


“You must experience City Hall, but not have lived in City Hall all your life.” – on being the ideal Mayoral Candidate


“I figured out when I was City Council President, my title was wrong. I should have been ‘Group Therapist’.”


“Give people exactly what they ask for, or a really good example of why they can’t have it – but you need one or the other.”


“We should have Disney characters greeting people as they come off the transport in LAX, because they were created here!” – on telling the LA story better


“I want to change the culture of LA…stop squeezing.” – on cash and culture


“The City of Los Angeles…get this…does NOT have a Chief Technology Officer.”


“We make this the place where everybody wants to bring their business.” – on culture in term


“We’ve turned our backs to schools instead of turning our face and arms to them.”


“A city that works, a city whose economy is back, and a city that moves easily.” – on vision, promise, hope, and the place we call home

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