Innovation, creativity, and expedient development are just a few of the most admirable qualities any company can display as a sign of vitality and a perpetual dedication to forward-thinking. With that in mind, D&B Credibility (like other notable companies) dedicates an entire week known as hackweek to the promotion of individual invention among our developers who take a break from the platitude of their day-to-day duties to take a leisurely stroll around the creative parts of their minds to see what they can come up with!

As many of you well know, organizational culture and climate are two of the most emphasized elements in our office and both are integral to our success as a company. Fortunately, hackweek is a week-long embodiment of these important elements. These developers lived and breathed our company philosophy of “work hard, play hard” as they hacked away tirelessly, aiming to create a product worthy of wearing the D&B Credibility logo.

And boy oh boy did they create!

The result is many awesome projects that have already been put into production.  More than a few of them are backend projects that will benefit our customers, but not something you can see directly.  However, one notable one is already available for our current CreditBuilder customer!

start_here_button_cb_guided_tourIt’s called the CreditBuilder Guided tour and if you’re an existing customers, then look for the “need help” button from most pages on our your dashboard to test it out!   The tool highlights information, alerts and other tools that are now only one click away!

creditbuilder guided tour

We’re all really proud of what the team accomplished in only a week and both current and future customers should be seeing improvements from the creativity of our product and technology teams!

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And if you’re a developer interested in taking part in hackweek projects, here’s a link to get you started!  😉