The sun is shining, birds are singing, and our developers are hacking away eager to make the most of HackWeek, our exciting week of hard work and harder play…   The biggest change this round of hacking is that our hackdays were so popular they’ve turned into hackweeks!

Today, we celebrated this most joyous occasion with a visit from Trailer Park Truck at lunch! We all ate till our hearts’ content. What better way to put your grumbling tummy at ease than a delicious burger or some Mac N’ Cheese (with bacon bits, of course)?

From the looks on their faces the staff here at D&B Credibility couldn’t agree more!

Thank you to all of our developers for your continued efforts, creativity, and innovation during this week. And thank you to the company for this awesome treat!

By the way, you can follow along as our developers code away through the twitter hashtag: #hackweek