CreditSignal Holiday GiftBusiness owners:

Have you thought about what you’re going to get your small business this year? Probably not.

We understand: You’ve been too busy running it at a steady pace all year, and just whipped it into a sprint for the holidays.

Well, we’ve got a bit of good news – our team thought of the perfect gift. This holiday season, give your business the gift of free business credit alerts through our CreditSignal* product. This is the first time any company has offered a free business credit alert product, and (believe it or not) it’s exactly what your business wants this holiday season.

You see, by giving the gift of CreditSignal, you will get alerts about changes to the health of your business’s credit profile. For no cost, you can monitor the health of your business’s credit; that’s not even available for people! Just think of the power you would possess if you knew when your personal credit improved or declined. Nearly limitless, right? Well, by harnessing your business you’ve harnessed the power of it having an improved business credit profile. You’ll have the potential to gain the following powers:

  • Demonstrate Financial Strength
  • Win New Business
  • Avoid Personal Guarantees
  • Avoid Business Fraud
  • Learn When Customers, Suppliers, & Competition are Researching Your Business
  • Proactively Monitor During Trying Times

So, if you’re still on the fence about whether to give free CreditSignal to your business, the obvious question is: “Why?” Your business deserves it. You deserve it. 

This holiday season, give your business the free gift that keeps on giving – CreditSignal