Photo courtesy of Mike Monteiro

All Things D Co-Executive Editor Kara Swisher visited Santa Monica last week to take a quick dip in Silicon Beach for Docstoc‘s 32nd Startups Uncensored. Docstoc’s CEO and master of ceremonies Jason Nazar took the opportunity to wrangle interviewer into interviewee.

Great success. Here are our top 10 takeaways:


“I’m starting at the top. Why not? I like the top. I enjoy the top.”


“I’m literally the only person that’s not a gold digger in Silicon Valley.”


“It’s sort of like a nerdy kid in school and a needling, obnoxious kid in school.” – on interviewing Bill Gates and Steve Jobs together


“Smart people want to be questioned well…it’s very hard to hide from good questions…most people want to be genuine. They don’t want to hide between platitudes.”


“I think it’s really important when you’re in a partnership with someone, when you’re in business with someone, that you share the same values.”


“I don’t show the reporters their traffic numbers ever. Ever.”


“I always call Twitter a lesbian collective…they’re a very emotional company.”


“We’re facilitators and we keep people honest and that’s where we serve a great purpose.”


“They literally act like, ‘Hey, we’re just here to help the world,’ when they dominate everything…at least Microsoft knew they were thugs…they have this vision of themselves which they’re not anymore.” – on Google


“It’s almost like being in the CIA. You’re scenario building.” – on getting the scoop

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