A strong business credit profile can be critical to the growth of many small businesses… and yet many small business owners neglect to really understand the steps they should take to improve their business credit so they can help scale their business to substantial growth.

The team here at Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. is passionate about educating small business owners across the country on the benefits of taking control of their business credit.  We  felt it was so important that we decided to develop  the first FREE business credit report designed to accomplish just that.

We’re calling this FREE business credit report CreditSignal.

The excitement throughout our company around launching a free product that’s going to help educate thousands and thousands of business owners on the importance of business credit has been contagious!  And no one is more excited than Judy Hackett, Head of Marketing and Product. Here’s how she describes the launch:

So why is business credit so important?  Just some of the reasons include:

  • Demonstrate Financial Strength. Many large companies and the Federal Government look at business credit reports when establishing new business relationships, and in order to understand the financial strength of  their business partners. If your business credit scores are negative to begin with or changing for the worse, they may  choose not to partner with you and if they are already working with your company, they could decide to discontinue their relationship with you unless you improve your scores.
  • Win New Business. If you bid for contracts, the company seeking the bids may pull a business credit report on all the bidding businesses, and take the results of those reports into consideration when deciding who they want to work with. The same holds true for business partnerships.
  • Avoid Personal Guarantees. Eventually, you may even be able to leverage your business credit to avoid the dreaded personal guarantee when applying for funding.
  • Avoid Business Fraud.  Business identity theft is real. Thousands upon thousands of South Carolina business owners recently experienced a breech in their business tax information.  Over 650,000 businesses in the South Carolina department of revenue database were affected.   Dun & Bradstreet quickly enabled for these businesses a free business credit alert product. Now, in the event someone tries to use their business information fraudulently, they will be alerted by Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.  CreditSignal will allow any business in America to also get alerted in the event changes take place in their file.
  • Learn When Customers, Suppliers, & Competition are Researching Your BusinessWhile this free product won’t give you all the insights you’d get from our CreditMonitor or CreditBuilder products, you will be able to learn if other companies, banks, or the government are pulling reports on your business, and you will receive alerts indicating whether your scores and ratings have improved or deteriorated.
  • Proactively Monitor During Trying Times. Do you live in a disaster-prone area?  Catastrophes, environmental or otherwise, can negatively impact you business credit score. Being aware of your business credit allows you to be proactive and build a strong credit score before disaster strikes. While you’re struggling to get back on your feet, your credit score may be declining. Business partners may pull your credit score to see how badly the disaster affected you. CreditSignal will alert you to their action so you can call and inform them of your situation. This article provides tips on what you should do to protect your business relationships and rebuild your business credit post-disaster.

There are so many great reasons to monitor your business credit. With the FREE CreditSignal* option now available, EVERY business owner in America has the opportunity to not only be proactive in understanding of their business credit, but also gain a deeper understanding of how they can actively build their business credit.

And finally…

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