Update: Due to the positive feedback we’ve received, we’re extending this offer to South Carolina business owners until 12/31/2014. Any business registered in South Caroline can help to protect their sensitive business information by registering for our CreditAlert product free of charge.

Recently, South Carolina’s Department of Revenue was subjected to an unprecedented data attack, in which approximately 3.6 million Social Security numbers and 387,000 credit or debit card numbers have been exposed. This is a massive scale security breach – affecting over 75% of the state’s residents.

At Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp., we are proud of our record of doing what we can to help businesses prosper, and we are deeply concerned about our business partners in South Carolina who are at risk of having their personal and business credit used fraudulently. As strong advocates of the proper use of credit and credibility, we are committed to ensuring that businesses can count on their credit ratings to accurately reflect their trustworthiness and financial strength.

We have spoken to South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley and together have formulated a plan to help South Carolina’s businesses address this emergency situation. To that end, we are offering our CreditAlert product to companies doing business in South Carolina (roughly a $250 annual value). The cost will be waived for South Carolina businesses that register prior to 01/31/2013.  This service will help ensure that businesses see exactly where their credit stands; it allows business owners to see when their credit scores change, when there are business inquiries, and when there is potential fraudulence or other threats.

South Carolina business owners and managers seeking more information or looking to sign up can call our  Credit Advisors at 800-279-9881, or visit www.DandB.com/SC.  (We strongly recommend using the online option as wait times on the phone continue to be long reflecting the number of callers being served.)

For businesses in South Carolina, the ability to monitor credit for inconsistances has never been more important, and we at Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. are proud to do our part during this time of need.