a2c logoExcited that crowdfunding could revolutionize the way businesses gain access capital, but want to learn more about how it might benefit your business?

The event will include a panel and Q&A session where you can get answers from these incredible experts:

  • Chance Barnett, Co-Founder and CEO of Crowdfunderwhey they are looking forward to helping businesses raise capital by selling debt, revenue, and even equity.
  • Candace Klein, Founder and CEO of SoMoLend, a company that seeks to connect entrepreneurs and business owners with lenders.
  • Rick Weintraub, Chief Compliance Officer of CommunityLeader, which works essentially as an hub connecting investors and small, private companies to one another.
  • Kate Drane, Engagement Lead, Small Business and Community for IndieGoGo, a crowdfunding platform on which allows for entrepreneurs to acquire donation-based funding for their projects.

To get ready for the event, we talked briefly with Chance Barnett about the potential impact that crowdfuding will have once it gets through the regulatory review: