Instagram is a free photo sharing application that can not only display the most beautiful photos, but it can also spread the word about your thriving business. With over 30 million users and over 100 million photographs, this application allows users to share their pictures via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram itself to reach an unparalleled new media audience.


Here are five ways you can use this powerful, picture application to help promote and market your business.

  1. Connect with clients. Instagram can help connect your business with your current and future clients because it brings about a closer more casually familiar interaction. Clients can take a deeper look into your business lifestyle through creatively edited photos and get the feeling that they know you and your business on a personal level.
  2. Share your business story. A photo is worth a thousand words. Use Instagram to share and show your business’s story rather than tell it. By posting photos regularly on Instagram followers and clients will be able to follow your business and how it has affected or even changed the lives of others around them.
  3. Increase followers. By increasing your Instagram followers it will in turn increase your customer interaction and create a buzz around your business. Customers can engage with your brand or business through fun photos of the workplace, environment or even employees.
  4. Host contests. Hosting contests that allow your employees and followers to compete to post the best picture and receive the most ‘likes’ will continue to organically promote your business. Not only will a contest create business exposure it also allows clients to see a more personal view of your business.
  5. Show off your brand. If you are going to take beautifully edited photos why not show off what you’re proud of. With a huge number of members, Instagram can help promote your brand in many different creative ways. It is free and fun exposure that has the ability to reach an extraordinary amount of people with the click of just one button.

Now…just point, shoot and snap to get great business exposure! Leave us your Instagram handle in the comments so we can follow you and your business!

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