It’s about rethinking. Rehashing, reviewing, revising – dust off your thesaurus and call it anything you like, but it is a call to action that we as Americans need to receive.

Thursday morning kicked off  the Clinton Global Initiative America (#CGIAmerica) meeting in Chicago. Within seconds of the doors opening, social media outlets were buzzing with attendees representing hundreds of companies propounding their commitments to CGI America and to our country.

Dun and Bradstreet Credibility is proud to be a part of these efforts to help spur economic recovery. The emotion involved in our engagement is palpable.

“Our participation in the Clinton Global Initiative reflects our core belief that small businesses drive the U.S. economy, and that helping those small businesses leads directly to job creation — particularly along Main Street USA,” said Jeff Stibel, CEO. “Small business owners face a lot of hurdles, and we’re proud to join President Bill Clinton in his efforts to strengthen our local and national economies.”

Please join President Clinton live at 5pm EST on June 8, 2012 (only a few minutes away) to watch his special announcement regarding the extraordinary commitments made over the last two days.


Here’s a video of our CMO talking about our involvement: