As I listened to Marcus Buckingham talk about personal strength for professional success, in his interview with CredibilityLive host Michael Hutchison, I thought about how my own strengths have shaped my opportunities. As my colleague Catherine Mangan said in a previous article about Marcus, “…he  has a way with words that makes understanding rather momentary”.

Catherine was right. In this episode of CredLIVE, Marcus gives us an instant reminder to be courageous and rely on your individual strengths as the backbone to your success.

The following are 5 takeaways from Marcus that stayed strong with me…

  1. We make a miscalculation that you will grow most, you will learn most, you will develop most where you are weakest. It has always been said that you learn the most from your mistakes, but Marcus explains that often times that is a misconception. We are able to learn a great deal as well from our success stories rather than just our failures.
  2. We have a fixation with weakness because we are frightened.  Tweet This We are more fearful of our weaknesses than our strengths. It is important not be afraid of failure. If you  are afraid to fail then it’s likely you will never succeed. To succeed takes risk and without that leap your personal success will never reach its up most potential.
  3. A strength is actually an activity that strengthens you. It’s something you do, that before you do it you look forward to it. While you’re doing it time speeds up and when you’re done with it you feel invigorated. Its an activity that you might not be good at but it drives practice.
  4. Do something that excites you. Follow your passions to wherever they may take you. You will be more likely to succeed when you are passionate about the task you are fulfilling rather than the skill level at which you can preform the task. Be clear about your weaknesses. Know that you are not perfect. Nobody is perfect so make sure this is a concept you can accept. Let your coworkers and employees know what your weaknesses are. What one may lack in a certain area or skill another person may have to balance the equation. This concept is what makes up the key components to building a successful team.
  5. Leaders are born, but in terms of how well you lead is learned. Just because you were born a leader doesn’t necessarily make you an effective leader. Your ability to learn, adapt and be respected by your fellow employees is what makes a standout leader. Although you may possess the raw talent needed to make a leader the lessons you learn along the way will only further your success and your professional success.

Watch and let us know what you takeaway from this video. Tell us what you learn about your own strengths and dig a little deeper at Marcus’s request. See you in the comments!


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