Looking outside my childhood bedroom window at my parent’s house, most people notice a very large, out of place pine tree. Because it is a kind of tree that doesn’t grow in our area, my mom has always thought that we had some sort of rare tree on our property.

That is, until she recently had a vague recollection of little 7-year-old me coming home from elementary school on Earth Day with a tiny pine sapling.

While we laugh about this every time we look at the 30-foot tree, it stands as a reminder that what we do now does in fact affect our future. Whether it’s draining our resources, or preserving what we have.

Yesterday marked Earth day 2012, a globally recognized celebration for our environment. It has been observed nationally since 1970 when it was celebrated in San Francisco and globally since 1990. This year’s theme is Mobilize the Earth.

With that in mind, we want to highlight different ways you and your business can rally and organize to function in greener, more earth-conscious ways.

Valley Box Company partnered with The San Diego River Park Foundation earlier this month to plant trees native to the Peutz Creek Preserve. Volunteers from both places worked together to restore and encourage a healthier community ecosystem.

The New York Times reported that Ingersoll Rand is rousing their employees across six continents. From Work-At-Home Wednesday’s to planting trees, their employees are finding ways to to “meet the challenges brought about by increased resource constraints, competitiveness and rapid urbanization”.

Other companies, like San Francisco’s The Futon Shop, plan to highlight their green products in honor of Earth Day. For The Futon Shop, this means featuring their Organic Sleep Mattress collection.

Office Depot has even released the result of a new study on small-businesses’ green efforts. The survey of more than 1,000 businesses has concluded that 61% of small business are increasing their efforts to be eco-friendly and that 70% have planned to go green within the next two years.

Additionally, as part of their green efforts, the study found the following:

  • 82% of businesses are recycling
  • 72% are reducing waste
  • 61% are buying energy-efficient products
  • 60% are buying recycled products
  • 43% are seeking non-toxic products
  • 39% are reducing water consumption.
We love this video brought to you by Autriv Software Development’s, Sign My Pad. Sign My Pad was developed specifically with big dreams of going massively green!

What is your company doing to celebrate Earth Day? What’s your current role in maintaining a green business?