Marcus Buckingham is a renowned speaker and author on managerial excellence and business performance. He’s sold over 3.6 million books, appeared on The Today Show and Oprah, and been featured in the New York Times and Harvard Business Review.  And even better (at least for us!) is that Marcus will be giving advice and taking your questions on our next CredibilityLIVE!

Marcus made his breakthrough when he published First, Break All the Rules and it jumped onto the bestseller lists. Since that time he has published numerous books as well as founding The Marcus Buckingham Company. The Marcus Buckingham Company has gained prominence working with businesses to help them identify why they are unique and then capitalizing on that uniqueness to obtain success.

Just some of the things we’re sure to cover on our April 12 event include:

  • How to make your personal talents work for your professional life
  • How to find your personal edge and achieve your business goals
  • Make an immediate impact in your work
  • How to win as a leader, manager, salesperson, or contributor to a team

Marcus is full of incredibile advice… To get a taste of the way he approaches building upon your strengths, check out this video:

If you’re like us and can’t wait to talk with Marcus Buckingham, then go ahead and register now!