Photo courtesy of Eva-maria Guggenberger

Entrepreneurs usually dream big. In Nicole Di Rocco‘s case, she dreamed itsy bitsy teeny weenie…in a big way.

For Nicole, success and the road to funding was about finding a customer, and then another, and another and…well, you get the drift. She started with a couple of hundred dollars and immediately turned a profit in the thousands. Money doesn’t grow on trees, but perhaps it does on swimsuits.

Nicole’s self-admittedly surprising success helped her to choose the road less traveled – away from the bank. Even though trying to make a profit first and then reinvesting can be more of a struggle, in the end, it can make all the difference.

So what does this mean for other entrepreneurs trying to raise funds for their business?

Here’s a savvy follow-up article by Kay Koplovitz that goes into more detail regarding the significance of being aware of your relationships, building your network, and ultimately building the right network for you and your business endeavor, whether it comes in two-pieces or two gigabytes.

As far as Nicolita Swimwear goes, no one tells her story as well as she does. Watch as Nicole talks about how she turned a love for spring-break and bikinis into her essentia.

And tell us, what’s next for growing your company?