We’ve spent the last few years predicting and imagining the role that social media sites play in publicizing our products. Businesses far and wide have solidified that new media provides an outstanding platform to market or promote merchandise and material.

Photo courtesy of 401K

2012 brings a new challenge. Why not contest the concept of “Buy, buy buy!” and employ the power of social media’s reach by using its tools to go back to business basics: trust and credibility.

We here at Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. know more than ever that credibility means retaining a web presence. CEO, Jeff Stibel reminds us that this patron trust comes from, “making sure that the web and social ecosystem really resonates with your customer base”.

It was a pleasant surprise to meet Nina Amir of CopyWright Communications at BlogWorld 2011 and candidly discuss the significance of enabling your customer to get to know who you really are via new media.

Amir says, “It’s not just about putting out your product, but about putting yourself out there. It really is about connecting with people one on one”.