Yesterday, we tapped into mind share with Hector Diaz of Think Status. Accepting that our fate as social media enthusiasts will take effort, passion and long-term commitment, today we want to explore even further how new media is truly changing the way business is done.

Photo courtesy of just.Luc

Shawn Harmsen is a PhD student at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, The University of Iowa. Harmsen reminded us with a firm handshake and a gentle smile that jobs aren’t there like they used to be in the enchanted world of journalism.

The rejected verity of this become more clear to me when my New York Times arrived the morning postdating our meeting with Harmsen. What once was an event akin to opening a brilliantly wrapped gift, recently the unfolding of the newspaper rather related to having to re-read a textbook that had already been assigned. The pages still had that fantastical aroma, only with the articles you’ve already perused online, faintly overripe.

“You have to be adaptable to change,” says Harmsen, “It’s not so much about learning a skill, it’s about learning a bunch of different skills”.