Welcome back, everyone. Does the coffee smell a little bit more powerful? Is your broadband downloading a little bit more like greased lightening? Hold on to your Herman Millers, this is the future. There’s no time like 2012.

Forget cloudy with a chance of meatballs. We’re talking predictions of mammoth proportions when it comes to trending within the social media scene in 2012.

Social Media Prism

Photo courtesy of birgerking

Recently, we had the satisfaction of catching up with some of social media’s movers and shakers at BlogWorld Expo 2011.  For the remainder of your first week back to the future, please check in each morning for a sneak peek of predictions from their perspective.

Today, we’re spotlighting Hector Diaz, Founder and Director of Business Development for Think Status Social Marketing Solutions. Diaz’s dynamism hails from the reality that social media can be a bit (please read: EXTREMELY) overwhelming at times. On the same note, the ability to master new media enables one to, “participate in the conversation that is changing the way business is done”.

Diaz says, “Social marketing. Even if you hate it as a business, you have to implement a strategy. It’s vital to the system if you want to remain relevant”.   Tweet This Diaz invites us in 2012 to think about mind share, cutting-edge and the continued growth of our network. We’re all ears.