In Friday’s post, Scratching the Holiday Itch: Hack Day 2.0, we set the stage for our ambitious weekEND plans. Hack Day Monday has been a whirlwind. This morning accommodated guest chair masseuses, followed by a surprise taco truck lunch on the house, topped off with a wild animal show!

Taco Truck

Photo courtesy of Dustin Luther

Jeff Stibel, CEO says, “The wild animal show was supposed to be an inspiration to those involved in hack day, although we’ll see if it works or not by midnight”. Well Jeff, nothing says enterprise like a few wild office animals (developers included) and an over-abundance of  RedBull.

Wild animal show

Photos courtesy of Jessica Davis

The developers have been up and hacking away since midnight, and we were lucky enough to catch web-developer Brandon Turner before he crept away to power nap where visions of codes are dancing in his head. Check out how Brandon is hacking the pressure and tune back in soon for the competition’s payoff….by the way… we’re hiring! See ya’ later alligator!