Courtesy of the developer’s den

It’s that Holiday season again, and just because it’s warm here on the beach in Malibu, we’re still all about the cool factor. Today our developers are scurrying around the office like fleeting elves preparing for lift-off.

Our second Hack Day activates at midnight on Sunday and lasts for a full 24-hour cycle ending at the stroke of Monday’s midnight hour. Hack Day is where our developers drop all their current projects and begin to hack on whatever they want to, however they want to and all with very little restriction or supervision. At night the toys come out to play, inventing new technology, improving existing technology and  encouraging them to think outside of their gift-box, if you will.

Commotion and competition are wafting through the air like a fresh batch of cookies. Web Developer, Jonathan Crowe admits, “I’m definitely excited about it. It’s not every day we get to create something that is uniquely ours and then show it to the CEO of a company”.

Everyone involved was quick to agree that this is a great ongoing opportunity to show their abilities and truly test their own limits. Jonathan Rowe, who is Jonathan Crowe’s partner in crime for the event (yes, you read correctly) says, “It’s a great opportunity for [us] to immediately fix problem areas & short-comings we see in our existing sites and products. Instead of waiting for it to be slotted into the production schedule, we can scratch the itch immediately!”

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Toolbars on Widgets! Be sure to check back for a Hack Day re-cap that’ll be sure to put you in the start-up spirit!