The holidays are right around the corner, are you looking for ways to make your business more successful? Here are four great blogs posts that we think would be helpful in guiding your business to that success during the holiday season and a bonus one to lead you into the new year.

Four Ways to Get More Shoppers Through Your Doors During the Holidays: This post covers some of the best ways to get customers into your store during the holidays so you can gain their business. Chief among these tips is to, “Make sure you have what your customers want.” || by Becky McCray

Tis the Season for Marketing Your Business: A more general blog post that talks about the, “seasons of your product cycle.” While this post has applications year round, it can be a great way to think of how you are marketing during the holiday season. Do you have a product that ties into Christmas or the New Year? Then now is the time to be thinking about and marketing that product! || by Carrie Wilkerson

Six Spins on Six Holiday Email Marketing Traditions: Here are some reasons and ways to incorporate the holidays into your email marketing campaigns. While people are looking for the perfect gift, the right email can help you secure a customer. || by Loren McDonald of Marketing Profs.

Five Tips to Improve Your Web Sales During the Holiday Season: The tips here range from improving your landing pages to convert traffic to gaining repeat business through social media by connecting with holiday shoppers. One of the major recommendations is to continually check your website to make sure everything is working properly at all times. || by Darren Rowse

And more helpful link to take you into the New Year.

Top Ten Small Business Predictions for 2012: The predictions here encompass the trends that many business experts expect to see in the coming year. || by Carol Tice on Entrepreneur

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