We’ve got a brand new CredibilityLIVE coming up next week and we’re excited to have Mari Smith (@MariSmith) as our speaker.   This is our series of interviews with business experts where YOU get to ask the questions through Facebook chat.

The event will be on Thursday, November 17th at 2pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern.  (Free registration at CredibilityLIVE.com)

Our host, Michael “Hutch” Hutchison, will be bringing in your questions that are sure to cover these topics:

  • The three critical ingredients to go from earning money to earning a lot of money.
  • The nine word phrase that you should use as a guide when planning your Facebook marketing strategy.
  • The surprising way in which your mindset can affect your social media marketing.
  • How to position your promotion so you don’t push away fans.

We were able to pull Mari Smith into our booth at BlogWorld LA this past weekend where she was able to give us a great teaser:

There’s so much more to come next Thursday!

To get involved, you only need to register (it’s free!) at CredibilityLIVE.com.