Being able to update social media while you’re away from a computer is a powerful ability that lets you interact with your social network wherever you are. If you’re at an event (say, BlogWorld LA as we will be next week!) you keep providing content, but you can also find out what everyone else is saying.

We on the DBCC social media team like to use these apps because:

  • They allow us to post updates to all of our social networks wherever we are.
  • They allow us to schedule updates if we’re not be around the office.
  • They allow us to see what everyone else is talking about.

These are some of the social media apps we like to use:

  • Hootsuite (Android & iPhone): The Hootsuite application allows you to manage multiple Twitter profiles and Facebook pages. From within the app, you can schedule upcoming tweets and track statistics, plus managing lists. All of your normal columns will be in place so you can see different mentions, plus the app will push notifications for new Tweets and Facebook updates.
  • Twitter (Android & iPhone): The Twitter app works like most web based versions of Twitter. You can see @ messages, your feed, and trending topics. It allows you to post updates through Twitter, insert pictures. link to websites, retweet others, and send direct messages.
  • Facebook (Android & iPhone): Facebook’s application lets users update their profiles as well as any Pages you have access to. You can see your feeds, post updates, link out to website, upload pictures, and use the messaging system.
  • WordPress (Android & iPhone): WordPress’ app gives users the ability to manage their blog on the go. You can create and edit posts and pages, moderate comments, and post videos and pictures to your blog. This app is relatively early in its development, so look for more features in the future.

These are some of the social media apps we like. What are your favorites?

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