Prioritizing your time to get things done is essential to any business. Thankfully, keeping yourself organized has become easier with the numerous mobile apps out there. You don’t have to carry around planner and notebook to know what you need to do, just your cell phone with an app or two.

You might want to use a mobile organization app:

  • To get things done on the go.
  • To make schedule changes on the fly.
  • To help remember exactly what you need to get done

Here are some of the apps we like to use to make sure we stay organized and get things done:

  • Things (iPhone only): This app tracks what you have to do today, next, and someday, plus what you have scheduled in the future. You can create and add a new task any time you need to and then attribute different factors to different tasks to keep them organized. To see what you have to do you can filter by a number of tags based on different factors. Things also lets you create a project and break it up into tasks so it never gets too complicated. A logbook is also included so you can see what you have accomplished. This app is available for $9.99.
  • Taskos (Android only): With Taskos, you can easily add tasks, look over your whole agenda, and schedule alerts to remind you when you need to get something done. The key feature of Taskos is speech to text support so you can do everything by voice if you need your hands free. The app makes use of “enhanced productivity methodologies,” so you can be efficiently organized. You can set task importance and then share them, as well as making call directly from the to do list you have implemented. This is a free application.
  • Wunderlist (Android & iPhone): Wunderlist lets users create a list with anything you need to get done. For these tasks you can set reminders, or even email yourself a task, plus share them through social networks so you can work with others. The app requires an account to use so everything can be synced to the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about losing your data. You can also write notes, set priorities, and schedule due dates for any task or project. This is a free application.
  • Springpad (Android & iPhone): With Springpad you can write notes, view tasks, establish checklists, and setup notebooks to keep yourself organized. Within all of those aspects users can assign tags so you can search through everything you need to get done. Anything you need to get done can be shared with others so collaboration is a cinch. Springboard also comes with a digital corkboard to make things more visually appealing. You can setup alerts and reminders so you don’t forget anything important, plus you can sync with your computer by creating an account. This app is available for free.
  • Pocket Informant (Android & iPhone): This app lets you create events and tasks and then filter them through the calendar. Everything about Pocket Informant is based on GTD and offers support with that system. The calendar comes with numerous options to view everything you need to accomplish. You can group todos together and order tasks in projects to make things easy. The application also lets you filter for active/due/overdue/completed tasks so you know exactly what you have left. This app is available for $12.99.

Keep an eye out for Apple’s ios5; it is launching with a reminders app that’s sure to be popular with iPhone/iPad users as it has many of the standard task management tools built in. It also include iCloud syncing between devices and location based reminders that prompt you to take care of tasks when you’re near a location.

These are some of the apps we like to use to stay organized. What are your favorite mobile organization apps?

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[CC photo courtesy of Kolazymonkey]