Keeping track of the business you’re doing can be tedious and difficult by hand, but online services and mobile applications can make the whole process a lot less strenuous. Not only does it make things easier for you and anyone you’re invoicing, but mobile invoicing apps let you work wherever you need too.

Some of the reasons you might want to use a mobile invoicing app are:

  • You can do business on the go.
  • You can easily brand your invoices.
  • You can make receiving payments easier and faster.

Here are some of the better apps for invoicing from your smartphone:

  • Invoice2go (Android & iPhone): This app allows for invoices to be styled in a variety of professional ways as well as including your branding on the invoice. Invoice2go offers a simple, easy to use interface so users can organize and customize what they need to. Invoices can be previewed within the app to make sure that they are correct before you send them off. Payment with Invoice2go is quick and also has built in PayPal functionality. Requires an Invoice2go account. The full version costs $9.99, there is a lite version available for free.
  • MobileBiz (Android only): MobileBiz lets users create invoices on their phone with their own logos and a professional style. To get people these invoices, you can email them, send them via SMS, or print them. For ease of use, users can create their own reports with and adjustable tax setup, inventory options, and the ability to track payments and balances. The full version of this app is available for $22.00 and a trial version is available for free.
  • Tradeshift (Android only): The Tradeshift app can send and receive mobile invoices in PDF or XML formats. A catalogue has been implemented to make future transaction much quicker. As with some of the other apps, Tradeshift lets users customize tax rates depending on their needs. You can filter all documents so you can find the specific invoice or client whenever you need it. The app is free but requires a Tradeshift account.
  • MiniBooks for FreshBooks (iPhone only): MiniBooks uses the FreshBooks service but is run by a separate company. The application offers full synchronization with FreshBooks  so users can create and edit clients or search by client/client number/invoice number. MiniBooks has a clock built so it is easier to track hours worked and the ability to manage estimates to create invoices. The full version of this app is available for $14.99 and a lite version is offered for free.
  • Timewerks (iPhone only): Timewerks has invoicing services to track multiple projects and clients, plus any items, materials, or expenses that are used on a job. Invoices are sent to clients in a PDF format. To make things easier, clients can be created by interfacing with your contact list or address book. The Timewerks app has a built in stop watch to track time so you know what to expense later. To accept payments, the app can work with Credit Card Terminal (which we discussed in another post!).

Are you using one of these apps?  Do you have a favorite mobile invoicing app?

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