Contacts in the business world are vital to success in the future. By managing and keeping track of all those contacts you can ensure that future success. Luckily mobile applications have made the task of business card management even easier.

The benefits of a mobile business card application include:

  • You don’t have to keep track of physical business cards.
  • You don’t have to manually add them to your contact list.
  • You don’t have to wait to organize your contacts.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • CardMunch (iPhone only): This free app is powered by LinkedIn and its key point is that real people transcribe the card, with a guarantee on accuracy. CardMunch offers a full text search of all business cards and a cardflow rolodex for a more visual approach to looking through your acquired business cards. The app can also sync contacts to update it with any new cards that have been obtained. To further avoid any potential messes, contacts can either be stored in the application itself or in your phone’s contact list. As CardMunch is powered by LinkedIn, the app offers one click invites on the social network.
  • Business Card Reader (Android & iPhone): Business Card Reader lets you take a picture of any business card you have received and it is then added directly to your contacts. It uses an accurate text recognition service to ensure that the information from the card is correct when it is added to your contacts. This app offers multilingual support for a variety of languages including German and Spanish. If you want to look through your cards Business Card Reader has a card holder to see all of them. The full version of this app costs $4.99, there is a lite version available with limited features.
  • ABBYY Business Card Reader (Android & iPhone): ABBYY’s Business Card Reader uses their own technology to read the print on business cards. Once it is read it is transferred into the user’s contacts. It can also automatically detect differences in contact information on the business cards. ABBYY’s Business Card Reader is able to search various social networks as well as a map within the app for the contacts that are added from scanned business cards. More than twenty languages are supported by the application. The full version of this app costs $9.99, there is a lite version available with limited features.
  • ScanBizCards (Android & iPhone): Like the other apps ScanBizCards uses the camera on a mobile phone to scan business cards and place them into contacts. This app differs by allowing users to scan both sides of the cards and then to connect through LinkedIn. ScanBizCards features integration with both Skype and Evernote and lets users export their data to Excel. There is also a coverflow for a more visual look at all the business cards you have picked up. The full version of this app costs 6.99, there is a lite version available with limited features.

These are some of the apps we like to use to organize business cards. What are your favorite mobile business card apps?

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