With each CredibilityLIVE event, we’ve been fortunate to see the interest among business owners increase… and our next event with LegalZoom CEO John Suh is definitely continuing this trend.

There’s been so much interest that we’ve decided to shake things up a bit and give you a chance to ask your questions early…

Do you have a question that you hope John will address?  Ask your questions in the comments below and we’ll make sure to prioritize the best of them to ask John during the event!

Some questions we anticipate include:

  • How should an entrepreneur define success?
  • Where should you look to be inspired by great ideas?
  • What tips do you have on surrounding yourself with great people?

And as with All CredibilityLIVE events, even if you don’t get your question in now, you’ll be able to ask your questions during the interactive event via Facebook Chat. (You can also use the #CredLIVE hashtag to ask your question as we’ll be actively monitoring that as well!)

In the meantime, make sure to register for this online event at CredibilityLIVE.com.  Look forward to seeing you on July 28th at 2:00 PM EST/11:00 PM PST where we can explore the keys to building a successful business.

[CC Photo courtesy of Oberazzi]