Great news for the mobile business world!

Apple has announced that they have launched a Volume Purchase Program (VPP), allowing companies to buy Apps in bulk and distribute them easily to employees.   But what does this mean for businesses using Apple products such as iPhones or iPads?

Just imagine:

  • IT Department – Never manually install droves of apps onto your executives’ iPhones and iPads again. Instead, you can email them a redemption code where they can add them on their own.
  • Sales Team Managers – Now purchase the exact amount of Apps for your sales team, or more, so new hires and veterans can be quickly suited with the most up-to-date tools necessary to their success out in the field.
  • Outside Contractors – Keep your workers out in the field when a new and crucial app must be installed immediately.
  • Accounting Department – Never have to weed through hundreds of reimbursement receipts from every employee who bought a company-required app at their own expense.

Simply put, the Apple VPP makes the lives of business owners a whole lot easier.

Apple has created a page with all the information you need to get started: App Store Volume Purchasing for Business

The key things you’ll need are:

For most businesses, getting their hands on this information will be straight-forward.  However, if your business needs a D-U-N-S number, you can quickly and easily get a number by signing up for our DUNS File Creator.

Thanks again to Apple for helping to make business owners lives a little bit easier with this announcement!