More often then not, it is helpful to pause and reflect on your marketing strategies for your business. Are you advertising to the right people? Are you using social media in the best possible way? Below are various articles that hold important advice for small businesses, and provide innovative ideas for refreshing your small businesses marketing.

Should Your Business Be On Google Plus? Here’s the Quick and Easy Way to  Decide via Mack Collier: The new Google Plus has arrived in the social networking sphere and  when considering if your businesses should join Google Plus, ask yourself: will Google Plus help you  connect with customers? Will Google Plus better connect your employees with one another? If the  answer to both questions is yes, perhaps you should try Google Plus, if not, maybe you  should wait  and see how Google Plus advances.

Customer Focus and Consistency: Keys to Strong Brand Building by Susan Solovic: Some important tips when creating a successful brand are:

  • Remain concise and consistent when distributing marketing information
  • Relate your brand to your customer
  • Follow through with your guarantees

How to Build Facebook Friends and Fans for Your Small Business by Tim Reeve: Words of advice for small business owners who use Facebook:

  • Provide interesting and unique information on your Facebook so that people will have a reason to visit your page
  •  Create a more personal feel to your business page
  •  Interact with your friends and fans
  •  Rid friends and fans that are irrelevant or disrespectful in order to make your page more exclusive and appropriate.

5 Essential Elements You Need to be a Complete Success in Business by Chris Garrett: The five essential elements needed to be successful in business are: mindset, goals, strategy, environment, and skills.

The First Step In Creating A Social Media Content Strategy By Ilana Rabinowitz: Rather than only focusing on content and selling within social media sites, it is important to care for your social networking community. Providing content for the good of your online networking community will attract more positive feedback.

Two Years Later, Small Business Economy Finally Improving  by Steve King: Data from the Forbes article “The State of Small Business” exemplifies the difficulty for small businesses in 2009 and 2010, but also favorably notes economic improvements for small businesses in 2011 and future years to come.

Five Simple Ways to Refresh Your Marketing by Carolyn Higgins: In order to refresh your current marketing strategies: modernize product offerings, change pricing, create innovative ways to convey your services, update your brand image, and use original ways to connect with customers.

What Small-Business Owners Can Learn from the Dodgers’ Financial Woes  by Jason Fell: The three most important lessons to learn from the Dodgers’ financial misfortunes are:

  • Separating personal and business finances
  • Recognize the importance of franchisors
  • Resist over staffing
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