Last week we published our list of the Most Influential People in Small Business on Twitter. This week we thought we’d give you a taste of what some of those people are talking about. There’s a good mix of information in this list that can be applied to small businesses, whether it relates directly (small business topics) or indirectly (marketing tips, SEO info, social media stuff) or some combination of the two.

  1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, I’m My Ideal Client After All via @ducttape: Small business owners are more likely to attract customers with similar interests and characteristics. To help in your marketing your small business, ask yourself if you would buy from you.
  2. How Identifying Negative Keywords Can Lower Costs and Boost Results via @MarketingProfs: By using negative keywords, you can help keep traffic that you don’t want away from your site. This traffic could come courtesy of keywords that are irrelevant to your business; removing those words helps you target the customers you want.
  3. Why Storytelling is Key to Social Media Marketing written by Allen Bode via @Pistachio: “Marketing is all about telling good stories. Social marketing is about getting customers to tell them for you.” By telling stories, forging connections, and sharing experience you can market your business in a better way
  4. That Website Ain’t Gonna Visit Itself written by Andrew Hanelly via @jasonfalls: Once you’ve created a new website or blog, you need to help drive traffic back to it. You can do this by regularly updating, interacting with other bloggers (online and in person), and even linking to other blogs.
  5. The Importance of Creating Your Own Blogging Path via @MackCollier: When creating your own blog, you don’t want to just copy what other successful bloggers have done. By finding out what works for you about the subject you want to write about you can write a better blog post.
  6. Driving Social Media & Customer Acquisition Throughout the Customer Lifecycle via @leeodden: Social media has altered the normal sales funnel and while marketing your business you should be aware of this. You don’t want to just apply some aspects of social media marketing, you want to apply them for the customer’s entire journey.

The above posts are just a small portion of what the people on our list are writing about. We’re certainly interested in what they have to say – and we hope you’re as interested as we are!