After the success of our first two CredibilityLIVE events with John Assaraf and Robert Berkman, we’ve decided to put on two events in June. The first one will be on June 2nd, with Paul Chaney, who will be discussing how “Listening is the New Marketing: Four Keys to Online Reputation Management.” The second event will be on June 23rd, with Steve Strauss, who will be discussing how to “Get Your Business or Project Funded: Creative Ways to Get Money You Need.” We’re eager to have these two great speakers for the CredibilityLIVE series, so here’s some more information about them:

Paul Chaney is an internet marketing consultant, trainer, speaker, blogger, and social media practitioner. He has written two books, The Digital Handshake and Reality Blogging, while also consulting on nearly every “For Dummies” book written about internet marketing in the last five years. Paul’s expertise in social media comes from combining the conversational aspect of social media with conversion mechanisms so that they are in line with business objectives.

During Paul’s CredibilityLIVE event, you will be able to learn:

  • Why online reputation management is no longer optional
  • Three things you should be listening for
  • Four benefits to monitoring your online reputation
  • How listening is the on ramp to pro-active engagement

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Steve Strauss is a prominent small business expert, lawyer, author and guest columnist. He has written over fifteen books, including The Small Business Bible, and he currently writes a weekly column for He is a regular guest on CNN and CNBC while also being featured in Time, The Los Angeles Times, and The Chicago Tribune. Steve speaks all over the world about business and recently spoke at the United Nations.

During Steve’s CredibilityLIVE event, he will discuss:

  • What steps you should be taking now to get a business loan in the future
  • If it is possible to crowdfund a business idea
  • If government business grants are for real
  • When it is appropriate to enter business plan competitions

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