One of the best parts of starting a new series of events is partnering with the right people to kick it off.  With CredibilityLIVE, we knew we wanted to focus on creating a platform where credit and credibility experts could educate, train and talk directly with business owners. So, working with John Assaraf was a no-brainer!

John is an entrepreneur, certified life coach, and world renowned speaker who is focused on helping others succeed in life and business. We hope he can help you understand how small businesses can overcome challenges to create a credible and profitable businesses.

John’s newest company PraxisNow is a brain research company focused on helping people reach their potential through the development of neurotechnology. PraxisNow is producing NeuroTraining systems and products that allow people to focus while also reducing their stress levels. These services have improved “mental, emotional, and physical performance in all areas of personal and professional life”.  PraxisNow wants to help everyone use their untapped brainpower so that they can reach their best. We think this is some pretty fascinating stuff.

John also speaks to business owners from personal experience. He has built multiple multi-million dollar companies including RE/MAX of Indiana and RE/MAX of Indiana grew to have 1,500 sales associates and generates over $5 billion each year in sales. John’s other project brought in 100,00 clients in less than a year and made over $30 million in the first ten months.

Obviously, the Dun & Bradstreet Credibility team is excited to have John Assaraf as our first speaker for the CredibilityLIVE video conversation series. He will be speaking on using the latest in brain science to capture and keep your customer’s attention and love for your brand on March 31st.  Free tickets for the event can be obtained through the CredibilityLIVE website.

Want to see John in action?  Here are a few interviews where you can learn more:

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