Our teams always searching the internet for interesting business credit tips… and we found 7 insightful articles from last week:

  • Improve Your Chances of Getting a Bank Loan: Obtaining a business loan for small businesses have been difficult in the past few years. Joe Harpster, the chief credit officer at Herald National Bank in Manhattan, and Kate Lister, former banker and coauthor of Finding Money: The Small Business Guide to Financing, share a few tips about how you can increase your chances at obtaining a business loan.
  • How to Build Your Business Credit Profile: Even if you haven’t officially started your business, there are still ways to build business credit. Get ahead of the game by utilizing these simple tips to build your Business Credit Profile.
  • The ABC’s of Business Credit: Learn to establish your Business Credit by separating it from your Personal Credit. This article shows you exactly how to juggle your Personal and Business Credit so you don’t have to rely solely on your own Personal Credit.

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[CC photo courtesy of Andres Rueda]